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75 gallon goldfish bowl... er, reef tank

Est. 06-02-2003 - Up and running, off and on, since 1996, as a 29 gallon tank. The contents of the original 29g were moved from there to this 75g in December 2003.

Inhabitants - Stonogobiopsis yasha
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Finally have the pair stable and loving the tank. I'll include more info later, but wanted to throw up this page fast and fdirty for the most recent pictures (because TippyToeX wanted to see them NOW)

What I am assuming to be the female is the larger and more daring of the two. The juvenile is or is being groomed to become male (I hope). He does not have the anecdotal mark of the male yet (black spot on pectoral/caudal? fin), but does have more black in gerenral, especially around the eyes and chin.

The female is also still gaining weight back as she lost quite a bit during acclimation and fighting for her current territory. She is eating well.



(link to a thread on Reef Central w/ more details and pics)



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