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Blood & Shadows
From the Files of Eric Baine, the Dead Detective

Michael E. E. Main

Eric Baine is pretty lively for a dead guy. With determination and deadpan wit, he faces down a variety of villains—including vampires, werecats and ninjas—in Blood and Shadows, Michael E. E. Main's debut novel. The action is fast-paced, the characters individual, interesting and fun. I look forward to many sequels!
—Marion Moore Hill, author of Bookmarked for Murder

"That's the beauty of my position, Doctor Grimes. I can make a theory go a long way. See, I'm not a cop. The whole 'theory and fact and evidence leading to proof' thing is just one big grey area for me. If I can get a theory to hold together pretty well, then that's really all I need." I cracked my knuckles. "And, if the guy behind all this is a vampire—well, then he's not really alive, is he? So I don't have to worry about the 'legality' of putting a stake through his heart, and then running him through a tree shredder."

Grimes stuck his nose in the air again. "How droll."

Hard-boiled detective, Eric Baine, and his vampire/assassin sidekick, Azrael, battle ninjas, a vampire High Lord, and shadow demons in this dark, fast-paced fantasy. When Baine's sarcastic client disappears and he meets a mysterious Chinese woman with psychic powers, the story really heats up.

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