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12-20-2004 -Time to say "Goodnight Gracie" to another year gone by... What? Really? I still have another week to compose some sappy tribute to 2004? Great, see you guys in another week! *grin*

4-8-2004 - 12-20-2004 - Trapped in timewarp

4-8-2004 - DensityMan Lives on in City of Heroes! The game is an MMORPG which for the uninitiated is a "Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. That all translates to me being able to play 'me' in an online fantasy world set in a fictitious Paragon City, USA. Aside from being ultra-dense and unwittingly bending time to be perpetually late and impatient at the same time DM has also developed the ability to kick ass and jump ove small buildings in a couple chained leaps (it'll get better than that). Also get to run with all manner of Comic and MMORPG enthusiasts, like Fluhr and the ladies of Fox Force 55. Going to compile some more pictures and thoughts and create a specific area here for CoH and the expliots of DM, Cadence and all the other people I choose to highlight... *grin*

3-18-2004 - Survived St. Patty's Day and had a great time doing it, as usual. Kilts should be worn more often in my infallible opinion. Saw another show that has a great cast and solid scripting, but once again the networks seem oblivious to my TV needs. CBS appears to have short-ordered the series (The Stones) after already holding it's release for over a year. Anyway, the Soprano's is still worth watching and everything else I normally catch is in repeats to give the new shows their day in the sun. Enjoy!

3-04-2004 - Still alive (and stuff)... Finally recovered fully from the holiday season and looking at the end of the tunnel where I will take my weeknights back from the second job. I love the part-time gig, but so many opportunities have been passed up while working it and camping season is upon us again. I need my time back.

12-15-2003 - Merry Christmas (and stuff)!!! It's that wacky time of year again. Where the spirit of the season grabs hold of you and makes you want to trample people to death for grabbing the last crappy, over-advertised choking hazard off the shelp before you could because your shopping cart was caught on the back of the old woman who dared to walk in front of you just slightly slower... Try not to kill anyone. *grin*

7-17-2003 - Check this $#!+ out: (Special thanks to Dora for pointing me to the link on what was an ambiguously "bad" day for wanting to return to old ways...)

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6-29-2003 - WOW... it certainly has been too long since I've been here to work, but didn't imagine I'd be inspired to work in the wee hours of the beginning of year 31... *grin* Oh well, the pages ARE being updated... right now even... Not just the content is getting bumped up either, the structure as well... Many pages that were never fully fleshed out have been condensed or tossed completely. What pages are left cover the interests I am truly involved in at the moment.

11-18-2002 - Micheal E. E. Main's first book "Blood and Shadows" may now be purchased! Follow the link below to see a page made from an e-mail I just recieved... Order the book, READ the book and then come back here and let others know what you thought about it on the boards!!!


See the e-mail announcement...

Incredibly well-written, imaginative and above all else FUN! The characters, plot and world are all well thought through with many twists on conventional undead mythos. Anyone with a well-developed sense of humor, wit and imagination should LOVE this book. Stop reading the reviews already... go buy this book!

I laughed out loud and cannot wait for more files from the smart-assed, undead detective, Eric Baine (oh yeah... and from that Michael guy behind the keyboard too). - DensityMan

Read a preview

Order the book from the publisher or buy it from Barnes and Noble by searching for "blood shadows baine"

Again, Congratulations Mike, hope to see more books from you in the very near future!

10-12-2002 - So much happening in the world at large and close at home. Some psycho(es) in the D.C. area, another in the gulf (again), friends mourning a child and many other horrible events. Don't lose track of the good things in life. Smile at a stranger, hug someone you love, give your critters treats, but don't watch "John Q" late on a Friday evening or your liable to write a sappy blog. Hope all is well with you and yours, as everything here is well as well... uh... you know what I mean

since I never did get around to finishing "this" version of the DM site I've cooked up a diabolical NEW layout which is more dial-up friendly and easier to navigate. The disclaimer stays though... Stay tuned...

8-18-2002 - Gods I am slow. Have too many projects bubbling away in my brain and so the page updates have suffered...*sigh* What's a guy to do? Been doing more brain-storming on system and stories for "the book." We be gone tomorrow (or is that "today" now?) again to continue Grandpa's move down here, so no updates tommorrow either. If it weren't for work and hobbies this place would be chock full of useless goodness... *grin*

8-13-2002 - Made it back from the last Milwaukee GenCon alive and well. *grin* I'll give you more details in the Reviews section... after I create that reviews section of course... *smile*

8-6-2002 - Grrr... FTP access has been down most of today and was locked out from my files... no big updates for you after all. *shrug* I am leaving you with updated graphics and correctly named pages, however. We'll be thinking of you all while visiting GenCon. Take care 'til Monday... *smile*

8-4-2002 - Didn't expect it to take near this long to get to work again on the site, so my apologies to the one or two "fans" (friends really) who have stopped by. Work has begun in earnest again, however, and the Photo gallery is slotted to be completed first... Keep your fingers crossed... *grin*
Hope to have quite a bit done by Tuesday the 6th so that you'll have something to look at while we am enjoying GenCon!!! I do feel a touch of sadness at the coming of this last GenCon in Milwaukee though, I have always enjoyed the trip as much as the con and will miss the yearly trek to Wisconsin... *shrug* But what can ya do?

6-16-2002 - Like "web-log" was too hard to grasp? The site is up but incredibly skeletal. That being said, thanks for visiting... now go away until I finish it, Okay? That's a good lad, thanks...


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