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Not every show is a 'winner,' but I'll try to help you tailor your TV time to best suit my tastes. I'll also be making a real effort to not turn into one of those pompous, arrogant, self-righteous reviewers (I already qualify of course for all three descriptors) in that I don't rate by any sort of fixed mechanic. I watch TV, go to movies and play games to be entertained. If the media fails to entertain me I'll pass that along. If on the other hand the media in question is horrible by any other standards, but gives me reason to chuckle, laugh or experience joy through mocking I will pass that along as well.

Life's too short not to laugh...

??-??-2004 GAME OVER Wed. UPN Animated Comedy Off the Air
??-??-2004 Cracking Up! Tues. Fox Sitcom Off the Air
??-??-2004 Wonderfalls Fri. Fox Dramedy Cancelled
??-??-2004 The Stones CBS Sitcom Off the Air
??-??-2004 NCAA Basketball Final Four Sports Yearly reoccurs
??-??-2004 Nick and Jessica NBC Variety One-shot
??-??-2004 Chris Rock: Never Scared HBO Comedy Repeats
??-??-2004 Shorties Watchin’ Shorties CC Comedy On the Air
??-??-2004 ...
06-08-2004 Last Comic Standing Wed. NBC Reality Comedy On the Air
06-09-2004 Quintuplets Wed. Fox Sitcom On the Air
06-09-2004 The Jury Fox Drama On the Air


DISCLAIMER: This site is intended in no way, shape or form to offend or mock any one particular person or group of specific people (by race, age, sex, etc - exception: I will frequently mock the crass, rude and stupid... if this offends you then either your skin is far too thin or you fall into one of the aforementioned categories); while it may offend no one, it may offend everyone. It's sole purpose, however, is to entertain me. Should it entertain you as well then I'll feel a deep warm tingly sensation, but it won't last long and generally I just ignore it anyway, so chances are I will not even know that you have enjoyed this site. Designed to be viewed fullscreen at 800x600 resolution or greater, so if it looks wierd - I blame you.  

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