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NCAA Basketball Final Four
CBS, ESPN, various other Satellite stations and all news programs, April 3-6, 2004
[Official Website]

Basic story: Four teams from 64 remain and there’s nothing else in the world as important (at least on TV). All other shows have long been in repeats until after this media spectacle, where one team shall stand victorious. In the meantime, new shows fight against the odds to make an audience.

Sample: Some person you know: “My bracket’s still good, how ‘bout you guys?”

Verdict: Who doesn’t love March Madness? Besides those of you who might have regular shows you’d like to see new episodes of, instead of all the hoopla, because all your teams are already out. In the absence of any Indiana teams, the local hoop-mania seems a bit more subdued than is normal. Regardless of which ‘side’ you’re on, it will all soon be over; until next year…


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